Episode 17


Episode 17

My thoughts for this episode went a bit like this

When Han’s mom was brought in. Poor Han. how will he cope with organizing everything with his mom in this condition ?

And the way she was just apologizing over & over while tears flowed out of him … I was sobbing.

knew they’d call Tae Shin to do the operation. But his ringtone 🙂 I proper thought him doing her operation would change things between him & Han.

Bae the cutie saying his heart might fail ♥

The way Han cried just broke me Sob. Just calling Omma coz she wanted that. Bit late babe 😦

Even he did the same thing as Sung Woo … Pumping her after her heart already stopped. Aand once again they all failed to be of any use 320 At a time like that a person just needs to be held.

Oooh drunk Han ! But when he grabbed Seo I’m like Don’t hurt her !

Tae Shin being all caring towards Ah Jin about taking care of herself 3281 Then Minho walks in during their pinky promise. My poor baby </3 I just know he’s gonna get more hurt before this is over 😦

VP has a secret son ?! And she was using Han’s friend Hong Song Wook as a spy kinda thing ?! Woah gurl … Looks like she’ll use his vulnerability on the mom subject to her advantage.

Those two seemed to have a cute friendship. Now he’s lost both his mom & his friend 😦

Cuter how he always calls Seo when he’s drunk 3281 She just came & cuddled up to him ♥

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