Episodes 14 & 15


Episode 14

That bitch just wants to empty out Top Team ! The way she says just dismiss him. Anyways … looks like Doctor Jo wants to leave as it is so in your face.

See how the patients slowly cancel their bookings ? Price to pay by getting rid of Tae Shin from the beloved Top Team. It’s cute how they miss him 🙂

Mee Soo’s husband That son of a bitch ! He treats her like shit. Makes me burn. But he does feel bad later on. Sorry but he sounds fuckin hilarious crying 🙂

So cute when Minho’s tryna put Doctor Jo off from moving in with Ah Jin & Yeo ^-^ Or at least give it some thought

When Tae Shin crashes at Ah Jin’s & has no idea who it is. Then he catches her in her PJs 328 She’s like tryna cover herself. He’s all Cute PJsBut he is honestly the sweetest. The way he is with his patients ♥

The Vice President is a sneaky bitch helping him just to get him on her side. But he can be sneakier 😉 Getting someone to replace him in the operation. Tae Shin isn’t manipulated so easily woman.

Bae & Jeong date 😉 Sorry-had-to-put-it-out-there. And the way Seo apperared ! So jumpy & happy  Oooh Blurred Lines in the background 😛

Lee Young Woo is a freakin cutie-pie 🙂 His blog. Awww ♥

Episode 15

Tae Shin ♥ Always on such a personakl level with his patients. How can you not love the guy ?

Woah ! Jeong wants to leave too ? Can’t say I never saw that coming. Han just acts so up there like he can just make another team ?! Those were the fuckin best doctors you had ! There’s a reason they were Top Team.

I love how Seo updates Tae Shin on all the gossip 🙂

The cutie taking Ah Jin shopping to get her clothes. And starting talk of hiking. But her reaction … Girl ! Can you get any more obvious ?

Housewarming Party ! When them three went to get the food – Jealous Bae .. I likee ^_^ Hmmph How rude of Seo to not turn up when Tae Shin personally invited her 😡

Han goes to have dinner with Mommy coz he got lonely … Awww. Lol she is the best 😛 Asking if they ain’t thinking of marriage yet. I love her hair ^^

Gasp ! Seo went for Han though she didn’t for Tae Shin. But he was drunk. Awww that hug though. Took me by suprise too. I am fucking dying ! My poor heart can’t take it ;’)

Omo ! Does that guy have something contagious ! He puked blood on Ah Jin ! And the selfish bitch won’t report it coz of her precious visitors.

Bae *tut* You should not have turned down going with Jeong. And then get jealous when Yeo goes with *raised brow*  

Oh My God ! The sick guy knocked Tae Shin flying ! He even sprained his wrist !

Ah Jin’s operating 🙂 You go girl !

Hah ! In your face VP ! The media have been tipped off. Have fun dealing with that. Smug smile.

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