Episode 16


Episode 16

VP telling them how it’s not contagious at all … *cough* Bullshit !! *cough*

Ah Jin ! I was so scared for her. Like do it right plz dahlin…

VP was sucking up to those ppl. Ugh ! I feel sick ! And someone was recording it, I wonder why /raised brow/

Poor baby. She was scared. But she must’ve enjoyed that hug 😉

My poor Minho ! I’m crying ! My heart hurts 😦
Next thing she’s puzzled over Sung Woo’s hostility /tut/  Aww… Don’t do that to him. He’s obviously s hurt & you don’t get it !!

Bae, Jeong & Jo sending TS off ^-^ Lool Bae can’t perform ? I was thinking it never showed him in the operating room. What’s his field anyways ?

Seo smiles now 🙂 But way too much though. She was ice before as Tae Shin kindly put it. Now she always has this cute lil smile going on over every little thing.

When Tae Shin said it’s like a man’s house I died like Lol 😛 It’s not that messy. Just coz Ah Jin was chilling alone 328 And he cooked for her ♥ That typical stare after blowing out the candle … and the headbang !! Doofus’ 🙂

Han’s mom got Seo that outfit. I totally imagined her going to Han If only you were a girl I’d get you that. But obviously she wouldn’t say that coz she’s happy to have him. And  everyone’s reaction 🙂 to her. She’s really pretty with her hair out.

She really wants them married doesn’t she ?
VP’s growing a heart ? Wow ! :O She was so nice to that pregnat woman that the others thought she knew her.

Tae Shin & Jo eating Ah Jin’s food ! Lol their faces 🙂

33a You should think about others too 33a

Aw Poor Han’s mom 😦 It’s coz of her drinking problem isn’t it ?

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