Okaiii …. This weeks episode finished way too quick. I was cherishing every second & hoping it’d last longer 😦

Firstly, don’t you think young Chris was kinda hot ? Well I think so. I didn’t even realize it was him at first. And that other guy, the one who those demons killed , when he looked up & his eyes changed color I was like :O till I got he was supposed to be kitsune, what with the being japanese & all.

Allison snogged Isaac again. I swear to God she better not end up getting with Scott again. I want him to move on & find someone better. So he can forget about her.

But Isaac looks hot in a suit. And I almost died when he walked into the place in sunglasses & all like Gentlemen …

Okay enough about that. Derek finally joined in on the action 😀 When that door opened & all I saw was fog, I expected something evil. But when Derek leapt in I was so happy !

Ooh that almost kiss between Scott & Kira. 😉

Why the fuck did Scott’s dad walk up to that thing ?! Like who in their right mind would do that ?

When that other guy was talking about kitsunes & their types I was so scared Kira was the evil one. Then Scott takes her with him so the Oni can check. I was on the edge of my fuckin seat ! Thank Heavens she wasn’t evil *sigh*

Soo Stiles is possesed. Like how many times has that happened in fics (the ones written after 3a) ? That was just so wierd coz it actually happened.

I was just happy he’s no longer the little human coz eben Lydia has her banshee thing.

Now I think it’s kinda scary. He’s not really himself. 322

You know when Melissa got out that file on his mom I was like Oh ! His mom had this illness. Bahaha I was Wroong.

When he goes to Melissa Thanks Mom I just went 33f into a pile of mush

Lastly, don’t you think it was fuckin creepy how calm he was when Scott found him ? I got the bloody shivers

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