Episodes 11-13



Tae Shin & Doctor Jo’s store cupboard life 3281 Soo cute kekeke. I wonder what happened when he was younger, you know coz his mom gave him up. I really want him to get closer to her, she seems like she really wants to know him better. She’s so sweet making kimchi & stuff for him 🙂

When Bae made a joke out of Jeong’s big butt I literally died *_* Oh My God those two are just too much for me … 333

Did you see how happy Ah Jin got when she got to sew that patient up & stuff ? I was squealing like Finally ! 

When Tae Shin was doing that thing to her face like checking her eyes. I thought he was just messing about with her y’know. Then next thing we know she’s groaning on the floor 322 !!

Director Kim wants to take down Top Team ?! What the fuck is going on ?


Stupid Sung Woo ! Offering to insert the J stent (?) & when Yeo asks Ah Jin she’s like Yeah watev. Then she realizes & looks at Sung Woo like Dafuq ?! The idiot’s just like Wut ? till Yeo indicates to him. Lol ! His face just goes 322 . Pahaha >_<

Ooooh Angry Han 😉 He walks in & clears his desk like swoosh in an angry swipe. I think they all have a thing for that. It’s the only way I’ve seen those uptight people show anger.

Seo did that – went into her office & slammed her books down.

And the Vice President, but she was empty handed so she went in & slammed a book shut 😛

3271 Minho Sung Woo visiting Ah Jin as her boyfriend ♥_♥ !! He bends down all in her face like Are you excited ? xD That teddy 327 Sorry I got a thing for teddies….Especially big white ones ♥

Then she gets discharged & creeps up behind him slapping his ass 🙂 Lol these two …. Too cute 

Tae Shin goes showing her the xray & she doesn’t wann know 😛 Coz he wants tio discuss it with her. I swear he is such a tease. Or is it just me ? 

One thing … Han & Seo are fucked up 

Ohh My Daiiz !! Cheon Man Bae got a random woman to pretend to be Tae Shin’s mon ?! I can’t believe that creep. He’s still scary as fuck. 

I was fucking crying when he was taking out all those socks & gloves 33a

Cheon Man Bae that’s what you get ! Stop messing with Tae Shin !!


Tae Shin ! What did you do to him ?

I heard the ambulance coming & I’m like Wut ?You go dude ! 

Later on I calmed down so I didn’t think he’d actually kill him or something. Then after I saw his hand all bloody I was like OMG!NoYou’resupposedtobethegoodguy!!

Lol I was dying. I thought he fuckin killed him. Especially when it started showing the flashback & he shoved him against that rail.

It’s nice to see the others are missing Tae Shin being in Top Team 🙂 But Ah Jin … She’s getting all worked up. Well at least Sung Woo finally kinda tried asking her ! But she dodged it 😦

Han is fuckin pissing everyone off

Ooooh that woman ! She fucking pulled their hair out. Though her husband is a total dickhead. But Doctor Jo 😦

Poor him. His wife died in the operating room & he was there 😦 Nurse Yoo’s growing on hom don’t you think ? When she goes that she wanted to fit in one last meal ^_^ I wanna see those two on a date.

Why does Seo call Han’s mom Mother ? Like is it just a term for there closeness ? You know as in familiaraty.

Lol finally someone helps those idiots get on a date!

Reliving the old times, it’s sho cute. He even took her home on the bus & fell asleep on her. I guess they actually had something once upon a time.

But how could he be so heartless as to reject that poor boy Yeong Woo’s surgery ? Urgh ! I am starting to hate him more 320

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