♫ Can You Feel Me ? ♫


Episodes One-Eight

Park Tae Shin. Cutest thing ever ♥♥ But seriously -_- You don’t like Seo do you ?

Professor Seo Ju Young is a fuckin ice queen as Tae Shin says

Chief Han Seung Jae needs to sort himself out. Approach Seo already before I slap you one

Choi Ah Jin stop breaking my baby’s heart. He freakin likes you man. Put the guy out of his misery & let Tae Shin go

Kim Sung Woo Minho !! His one sided crush is breaking my little heart 😦

Doctor Jo Joon Hyuk is fuckin hilarious ! A bit odd I guess. But that’s what makes him so loveable. I liked him the minute I first saw him. Just standing in the operating theater making observations 😛 Lool

Chief Jang Yong Seop & the Vice President are just suck-ups. It’s like a chain. He sucks up to her & she sucks up to the fuckin Chairman her bloody father-in-law. I hate him too. His voice :/ Urgh !

Nurse Yoo Hyeran. Well at first I thought she wouldn’t be anyone important. Then she goes & finds Tae Shin & Jo’s secret place. I literally died when that happened 😀  Now she keeps popping up.

Doctor Jeong Hoon Min & Bae Sang Kyu. Well they hit it off right away didn’t they 😉 ? But their interactions make me crack up. Oh & their little flirt scene. Tae Shin’s just standing there smirking & I couldn’t sit up straight xD Poor Bae … his girlfriend wouldn’t believe him 😀

Nurse Yeo Min Ji lol almost forgot her. She hasn’t been around much lately or I just didn’t realize her. Does she have a lil crush on Sung Woo ? Coz she seems to pop up whenever he wants to be with Ah Jin.

Eun Ba Wi is deffo the cutest thing I have ever seen. I cried when she was going 😦 Tae Shin loved that lil princess so much. It was the cutest thing ever watching those two 🙂

That time he was counting her stars & bawling. Seo just comes along like What shall I do? He’s crying. I know let’s just sit with him he’ll feel better. I don’t get why people just don’t do the obvious thing & hug the poor guy ?! O.o

Remember I’m not an easy princess like that. I laughed so hard at that. She’s just too precious ♥ ^_^

Tae Shin’s careworker ? So he was more like a you know foster something you know what I mean. When he was in that orphanage place. The one who beat him up as a kid 😦 Excuse me while I quake in fear & sorrow for my baby Tae.

Chief Han’s alcoholic mom. That time when she came to see the Chairman & they were gonna drag her out. He’s like Hand’s off. I’m just You go boy 🙂 ♥

Now one of my main concerns. How could Ah Jin laugh at Minho Sung Woo when he said girls were all over him in high school ? Have you seen him girl ?!

And now Yoo Na Yeon is here. Will she end up with Sung Woo ? I hope she does because I want him to have a happy ending ♥♥

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