Episodes 9 & 10


Episode Nine

Oh My Freakin Daiz ! I am still fuckin shit scared of that guy ! You know his care-worker or whatever he was to him. I’m literally crying for him 😦 Like that first time when he came back to check on the hospital & found him on the corner bed ? I was gonna cry when he was sitting on the bus looking like he’s having a spaz attack or something 😥 He must’ve treated him so bad. But I found the idea of a little boy trying to form a gang of rebels to run away soo cute ^_^

And now he keeps calling him & I feel so sorry for him. Coz that’s something he’s dealing with on the side, as well as everything else.

He seems to be tryna not think of his mom anymore & that guy goes round bugging him. Did you see her ? She looked bloody scared herself. I wanna know their story …

And could everyone please stop with that bowing ! I swear it’s making me dizzy 329 Yeah I know it’s like for respect & stuff but still …

Seriously though, what is up with Doctor Jo & Nurse Yoo ? Does she like have a crush on him or something ?! Because I am so confused right now. I used to think she just thought he was a freak or something coz she used to look disgusted by him.

All this fucked up love God knows what coz it ain’t no triangle for sure is messing with my head. It is so messed up man like Wut O.o

The Vice President is a bitch ! Right at the start I didn’t think she was so bad. But now. She needs to die. Okay joking. But really though she just thinks she can do anything & everything. Well maybe she can but come on …

And now she wants to dig up dirt on Tae Shin ?! She should watch out with him. It’s obvious he’s not one to be ruled by no one. And he definitely doesn’t give a shit about how high you are.

Chief Jang & his guys taking Professor Seo along for a drink 😛 Was he trying to get her drunk or something ? But they all ended up drunk instead aHaha. But the way she turns to the side when knocking it back. Such a lady lol 😉

I’m not such a fan of Seo but why is that fucker trying to send her off to the Global Research Center for ? He is a sneaky shit. Urgh ! I hate the way he acts like he owns her.

Honestly I think Han & Seo need some help to push them along. Their little awkward moments make me cringe so badly.

Remember when she took him out to eat that time ? That was the awkwardest thing ever.

So when he came to her house asking about the Research Center. And she pretended it was her own choice even though they both knew it was a lie. Then he grabbed her hand to stop her from going. Was that meant to be an epic moment ? Because I am unimpressed by the lack of everything between those two 😛

Now my poor baby Minho 😦 I mean Sung Woo. His face when Yoo Na Yeon was brought in. My heart was breaking

I actually wondered for a bit if Ah Jin was getting jealous of her 😛 Like when he was looking at his pictures ♥

But when she died & it was like he went into shock. Still pumping even after they pronounced her dead. I was like What is wrong with you guys ! Somebody fuckin grab him. He needs to be comforted not stared at !

Like I was about to be a-Okay with Ah Jin crushing on Tae Shin, as long as Sung Woo got to be with Na Yeon but No ! He had to be left alone. I don’t want him there hanging while everyone else gets to be with someone. Ah Jin didn’t even realize he liked her ! 😦 Totally friend zoned. There there ♥♥

Now thanks to that bitch they’re blaming it on Tae Shin. Life’s not fair ! Why am I still watching when this makes me so angry & upset ? It’s giving me conflicting emotions but I can’t stop 😦

Episode Ten

That scary guy is still pestering him about his mom ! Plus he’s suspended 😦 I wanna find that guy & tell him to fuck the fuck off ! But I’m too scared of him. Come on. He clearly doesn’t want to know her anymore. Though he still payed her a visit. She fuckin jumped when she saw him. I laughed so hard at that 🙂

Just in case you didn’t already know. I freakin love Park Tae Shin ! He’s like soo idk … He just has so much feelings & totally shows them & I love that 🙂 Plus he’s just undeniably adorable. Can’t believe I never knew about him before I started watching Medical Top Team 322 !

Lol ! But the Top Team were actually expecting him to stick around after he was very ungracefully suspended like that ? Well they’re pretty stupid. He’s not exactly gonna be allowed to do much so duh! he’s gonna leave.

The Vice President is a bitch. Just saying.

Ooh ! Don’t you think Doctor Jeong & Bae have cute lil thing going on ? ^_^

Minho *cough*Sung Woo*cough* in his purple bed ! *_* Gaah ! I’m dead…  And why do I find it so frikkin adorable that he’s living with his mom ? ♥_♥

Ah Jin breaking into his room & telling him to get dressed. He was like You wut. I think he looked fine how he was dressed ^_^ Lool I like him like that instead of being dressed so uptight.

Aha ! Roar by Katy Perry was playing in the background 😀 when they went to eat ! I was shocked.

But yeah … I hate it when she keeps bringing Tae Shin up in front of him 😦 Like he’s got a damn crush on you girl ! Stop talking about other guys ! Then he cried ! And she put her hand on his shoulder like all hesitant. Then he just goes & leans on her. And I just died ! *_* My poor heart ! Coz I know he won’t get her. Life is cruel like that. 😦

I love it how when he finally returned Bae just jumped on him & he didn’t even have time to react. He was like :O with is hands sticking out at weird angles 😛

His face was just priceless. And everyone was so happy to see him 🙂 I think my poor heart was gonna burst.

It’s kinda cute how Han just wants to solve everything for Seo ^_^ He obviously cares for her a lot. Just doesn’t know how to show it. Or he just can’t ?

But their tension will be the death of me.

But Nurse Yoo bringing breakfast for Doctor Jo is just ♥ ^_^

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