So Who’s Gonna Die ?


I am officially up to date ! 😀

Straight to it then. I heard someone’s gonna die. As in from the inner circle. One of the main six. I for one am all for it being Allison. After the initial shock of course, I decided I’d be least upset over her. At first coz I thought it was becoming a love triangle between her, Isaac & Scott. And I don’t want Isaac to go coz I like him plus he was an abused kid so end of 🙂 But now it’s just my last option. No hard feelings 😛

If Stiles goes I swear I will become dangerous ! Nobody but nobody kills off my baby *death glare* Obvs it cannot be Scott. He’s Scott. Derek … No. NoNo. Just No. And Lydia ? She is a badass girl. So No. I guess so is Allison but … yeah

So … on to the actual show.

Firstly I have been reading way too many Sterek fics whilst waiting for this show to air again. I actually forgot what happened so far. Assuming certain events had occurred which aren’t even in the plot. Had me so confused.

OhOhOh…. Mr Tate. Malia the coyote’s dad ? I squealed when I saw him ! The priest guy from TVD 😀 !

Anyways … How on earth did Derek & Peter get caught ?! Where is Cora gone ? What the fuck is up with them ? I swear it’s like we didn’t see half their plot. Why did he do that thing with his mom’s nails ? OhMyGod Peter’s fucking finger got cut off ! I was imagining what that would’ve done to a human. Can’t just sew it on.

Did anyone else realize how fuckin gorgeous Derek’s blue shirt looks ?

The twins turning the corner to find Danny mackin on a guy 😛 Lol

I freakin died when Kira’s dad said he was korean ! Literally sat there & fangirled for a bit 😀 I love how excrutiatingly embarrassing he is. Talking about her lack of friends in front of the class. And the best line ‘You forgot the research you did for that boy you like’ paHahaha >.<

Uh … I think I have a thing for kitsunes. Well I’ve only read about them when they came in the TVD books. You know those twins ~ the boys name began with an S or Sh ~ his name meant ‘devil’ or something ? I can’t remember it’s been ages. And then I did some research. Kira is totally one & that is awesome !! 🙂

That rave ! Who’s idea was it again ? Aidan right ? Excuse me but Danny looked *drool* in that body paint. Ugh ! Derek totally should’ve gotten it done 😉 I would’ve died

Anyhow …. I’d totally forgotten about Caitlyn. She’s the one from the woods right ? The virgin sacrifice time, her girlfriend got taken ? When Stiles didn’t answer whether he *cough* liked guys 😉 Why didn’t he get painted 😦  Though he got Caitlyn’s lip marks …

Scott should’ve. Give Allison something to stare at *growl* Poor Kira .. The way Allison just stared & she just let go of Scott’s hand. Even though Allison ended up stripping & being painted by Isacc *raised brow* Before 3b I imagined those two got closer whilst Scott was alright with it. But him throwing Isaac around just had me laughing like a retarded seal >_<

Dinner at Kira’s house ? That pup certainly didn’t like his first taste of sushi. And wasabi ? That literally killed me. His face !

Before I go on to more serious matters …. Derek scaring those kids ? Priceless ! His face ♥ We need more of him 😦 He hasn’t been in the last few eps that much. Well not enough according to me.

Now Stiles’ fuckin dreams scared the shit out of me ! :O What’s happening to him ?! He wrote the stuff on the board ? So he was the one who wanted Kira dead ? And what the fuck was up with that guy ? I convinced myself he wasn’t human even :/

I really badly need the next episode. Like right now

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