Two Down … How Many To Go ?


Finished TVD & TO late last night. Rest today after college 🙂

Okaii so that was a rush post right before I left. And now I’m back to finish off 🙂 ♥

You don’t know how glad I am that Katherine is still alive ! Well … Living in Elena’s body but .. yeah. Personally I think Elena’s just a dumb bitch just saying.

But I mean like how she was all like ‘I don’t know what I’m feeling’ & all that crap y’kno. Okay so she’s stopped breaking down into fuckin tears every two seconds, now that she’s a vampire, but still.

I hate how she acts towards Stefan like she still loves him, I mean it shows through little things, while she’s off with Damon. Seriously I’m totally for Stelena coz I don’t want her with Damon idk why but I feel argh when she acts like she kinda wants him back.

When she was trying to get his memory back after Tessa fried them & all she freakin did was replay their little cute moments. Like bitch ! Get over yourself !

Aaanyways, back to what I was saying. Tyler’s back ? I’m sorry. What ? Urgh. I was totally for Klaroline. Like especially since Klaus just came to pay a visit. And excuse me. Hot moment ?! 😛

And dude ! What the fuck is up with Stefan ?! I’m pretty sure he hasn’t flicked the switch or anything. So … he’s actually over Elena ? :/ …. Well I’m totally glad if he is btw. And that bitch was judging him for sleeping with her ? Pfft … What happened with Damon while Stefan drowned ? And even before that ? They got together when exactly ? I can’t remember. 

But he is soo sweet to Katherine before she goes though. I almost cried watching him change those memories & let her see her baby in the crib *sob* :’)

Poor Matty. 😦 ♥ I almost forgot about him until recent episodes.

And what was up with the last ep ? It looked like a frikkin season finale with the freakin reunion & all.

Lemme just say … When Hayley first appeared in TVD I didn’t really like her. But in The Originals I’ve grown to like her 🙂 I don’t even know what it is ! Lol

But yeah … What’s going on between her & Elijah ? At first I thought it was just you know coz he’s the only one looking out for her & stuff. And then that moment in the car with the hand touching ? And that almost kiss ?

And OohMaGod Klaus ! Everyone just misjudged him 😦 He just wants to be a good daddy ^_^ ♥ Well I just hope that plot stays coz I really like the idea of him being like that. Coz we already know he’s totally capable of love though he has funny ways of showing it due to the thing with Caroline.

Btw what happened with the epic fight between him & Davina ? I remba the build up to it but the actual fight ? I’m blank. Think I need to re-watch that episode.

Forget all that for now… I kind of wanted Cammie to go & be safe already -_- But Davina had to come to the rescue. Damn ! wiping all that compulsion is gonna hurt like a bitch ! :O And her uncle, the priest (?), he’s in Teen Wolf ! 😀 I just caught up on that today & freaked when I saw him ! But that’s for another post.

Do you know how happy I was when Elijah was apologizing to Klaus for misjudging his intentions ? I love the fact that he loves Klaus so much to dedicate his entire being to redeem & fix him ♥♥♥ I swear Elijah is just too cute ! ♥♥Overload♥♥

Oh who’s Celeste ? :/ Klaus tut Forever killing his siblings love interests.

Okay I’m off to rant about Teen Wolf now ♥

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