One Month Anniversary


Soo … It’s been a month exactly since I turned 18 ! Kinda wierd … Still haven’t done much to celebrate.

That day was mostly spent catching up with mates. And then opening prezzies. Not much family time I guess. And cba with parties. I am shit at those.

I’m still waiting for one of my parents to get me my new phone. I don’t care which one of them gets it. Just someone will do.

Urgh ! I have to go into college tomorrow & I don’t even think I’ve completely recovered yet. 😦

Help me !!

My 2min feels just took over once again !!!

Just read a whole lotta fics …

Coz that’s what I do when I’m sick.

And when I’m not.

Ugh ! I’m flooding in feels right now I don’t even know what to do


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