What’s Going On ??


Omg ! I think some kind of food poisoning is going around my house. My lil sister was sick yesterday morning & the others today.

As for me, I’ve been bedridden all day. I’ve only got up now to write this. What does that say about me ? 😛 Lol

You don’t understand ! It was so horrible !! I was just empty retching & it hurt soo much. Coz I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday so I’ve got nothing to puke out 😦

I don’t even know what to doo!!! My tummy is killing me & I don’t wanna do this heaving anymore.

Plus I’ve got college tomorrow which I can’t miss coz I’ve taken off too many daiiz lately coz I’ve been sick & stuff.

Urgh ! This sux ! Fml.

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