Urgh ! I’m in a fuckin bad mood 320

Have you ever had people come over to your house & stay forever ? It’s the worst thing in the world I assure you, if you’ve never been in that situation.

Like, I’m not much of a people person. Well I think so anyways. Like I’ve got my group of mates & I love meeting new people -as long as we click like right away. But I class myself as an introvert soo…. Which is why a lot of my life goes with online friends & blogging. *This is like my fifth blog* But I still put up with people being in my house 24/7 coz of my mom. 

Still there is a limit ! Imagine this …. people who absolutely have grown to loathe recently, coz they are fuckin pisstakers, living in your fuckin house for over two bloody months !! That would snap the most patient person ! And I am nowhere near to slightly patient !

So when I blew it last night. It was not my fault at all.

I’m still ruffled over it

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